Leaving your pet to be cared for by someone else is a big decision and we completely understand why. While boarding at our facility we make sure your pet(s) receive the BEST care there is and treat them as one of our own! We try to keep your pet's routine as close to regular as possible to help them feel more at home. Drop off times are available 6 days a week as well as arranged pick-ups on Sundays. Whether you have plans for a day or a "get away" in mind...Let us do the pet sitting!

Dental Care

dental services

Regular professional cleanings are just as important as home brushing. We clean your pet's teeth much like your dentist cleaning yours. While under anesthesia we are able to reach places home brushing may not be able to, both above and below the gum line. Dental technicians then polish teeth, to create a smooth surface more resistant to plaque buildup. During discharge you will meet with a doctor to go over our findings and explore options on how to maintain dental care. Professional cleanings are a part of our technicians daily routine and are preformed 5 days a week!

Hospice / Euthanasia Services

Hospice Euthanasia Services

Saying goodbye to a long-time friend is painful. We work with clients to ensure their pet's comfort and dignity. Our cremation service offers several options regarding the cremation of your pet and personalized name plates are available. Euthanasia Services are scheduled by appointment to enable the client to spend as much time with the pet as needed.

House Calls

vet house calls

House call appointments are available with prior arrangements made between the veterinarian and client. If you'd like to inquire about a House Call appointment please call our office at 414-281-8270 during regular business hours. Should you need a House Call on an emergency basis we would happy to provide you with contact information to a Veterinarian we trust.

Immunization and Wellness Care


We strive to prevent illness whenever possible! Your time and effort invested into your pets preventative health care have GREAT benefits for both of you. When scheduling an appointment we will go over what services are important for your pet's lifestyle so you know exactly what to expect when arriving for your appointment. Each appointment is based on the individualized pet and could include: comprehensive physical exam; internal parasite testing; Heartworm Disease and Flea/Tick control; vaccinations; and specialized blood tests for all life stages. We will also send reminders when annual treatment is due. Preforming regular wellness care enables your pet to live a happy, healthy life! Which in turns gives you more time with your pet!


cat microchipping

Microchips have returned MANY lost pets to their homes! This quick, simple procedure can be requested and preformed at any routine appointment or during surgery. A microchip provides an identification number that can be scanned by shelters, rescues and veterinary clinics everywhere increasing the changes of helping you to be reunited with your pet.


dog xray

Radio graphs (commonly known as X-Rays) help our veterinarians evaluate muscular-skeletal, cardiovascular (cardiopulmonary), gastrointestinal, reproductive and urinary systems. Although X-rays are not part of a routine exam, they may be requested by a doctor to rule out or confirm a diagnosis. We will elevate the X-rays and review the findings with you during your appointment.


dog surgery

We understand when it comes to surgery it can be a stressful time for BOTH you and your pet. All surgery appointments are checked-in personally by a veterinarian the morning of surgery in order to ensure that BEFORE you leave you have a thorough understanding of the procedure being preformed. All pets are required to have a blood panel BEFORE surgery, which allows us to have better understanding of your pet's overall health. The blood panel is also an extra guideline to ensure their safety. All surgery patients are discharged by a veterinarian and written take home instructions as well as pain medication are provided.

Pet Health ID Cards

pet health ID card

Now through our friends at VetScene, we're offering Pet Health ID Cards with your annual vaccinations. Pet Health ID Cards are a great way to carry your pet's information and can be used at various places such as the groomers or doggy daycare. Please be sure to keep your email address current as alerts will come through on uploading a photo of your pet. Your pet's photo makes the Pet Health ID Card complete!