Veterinary Partner

This is a great link to add to your favorites! We often recommend this site to clients that still have questions or that would like to read a little more about their pet's diagnosis. Steaming from a professional website we refer to often, Veterinary Partner lays out explanations in easy to read format. From vaccinations explanations to surgeries and therapy this site has it all!

American Veterinary Medical Association

The AVMA's website is packed FULL of important information for pet owners. This site features sections with information regarding State and National issues, the latest products, and a large collection of educational articles on animal health!

Frontline Plus

A topical Flea and Tick control. Application of this product is monthly.

Used for the prevention and treatment of Fleas and Ticks:
-Kills 100% percent of fleas with 12 hours
-Application lasts one month

Heartgard Plus

A chewable Heartworm Disease prevention preventative. Admission dose is monthly.

Protects your pet against Heartworm Disease as well as Roundworms and Hookworms:
-Used monthly Heartgard can help prevent Heartworm infection
-Made with real beef
-Treatment good for one month
-Protects against parasites

Vectra 3D

A topical Flea, Tick & Mosquito control. Application of this product is monthly.

Vectra 3D is used for the prevention and treatment of fleas, ticks and mosquitoes:
-Kills fleas in 6 hours
-Kills ALL stages of development
-Repels and kills three species of mosquitoes
-Provides one month of protection